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Sartschev & Associates, LLC  we focus on your financial life, not just your taxes. At Sartschev & Associates, LLC  we look at where you are and where you want to be. We understand that the point of having financial goals is to make sure you reach the personal ones. We can develop the investment strategies, tax savings options, retirement and estate plans to help you get there. See for yourself why our clients appreciate us, call us today.



Full service bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses and individuals. We perform services onsite or offsite, whichever is most convenient for our clients.


In the life of every small business there’s a point when you’re ready to head to the next level, but aren’t sure how to get there. We can show you how to put your business on the path to growth, expansion, and higher profits.


Sartschev & Associates, LLC provides expertise in both tax compliance and planning. Transaction of a business or individual from compensation to equipment purchases to moving to a new location is accompanied by tax ramifications.


Executive search is dedicated to the growth and advancement of your business. Marketing comes in various forms, but all with one purpose: to bring awareness of your products and/or services to your target audience and lead them to choose your company over the competition.